Doming & Badges

Make your promotional items stand out with Doming! Our unique process of applying a clear resin coating to any badge or promotional item will give your graphics an eye-catching, 3D effect that will draw more attention to your product. With our high-quality materials and professional craftsmanship, you can be sure that your badges and promotional items will look great and last for years.

What is Doming?
Doming is a process of applying a clear epoxy resin coating to any badge or promotional item. Domed labels are used in many applications. Equipment manufacturers apply them as permanent marking for their products as they are durable and their 3D appearance catches the eye.

Domed labels are much more permanent than many other labels and do not show wear; the clear polyurethane substance, even after curing (hardening), is self-healing. Minor scratches or cuts heal themselves and the label looks like new once again.

Domed Keyring Tag


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